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Meaning of ascot

meaning of ascot

Most often used phrases: royal ascot ascot gold ascot racecourse ascot vale ascot berkshire ascot park school ascot south ascot stakes ascot ascot meeting. An ascot is a wide necktie that resembles a small scarf. If you aren't a British earl or Austin Powers, wearing an ascot could be considered a fashion risk. a kind of necktie or scarf with very broad ends hanging from the knot, one upon the other. Origin of ascot. from being the fashionable neckwear for men of means. Word Origin and History for ascot Expand. To prepare for burial. One goose, two geese. Browse the English Dictionary. People will see it as Author Name with your public word lists. Delivered to your inbox! meaning of ascot


How to Tie an Ascot Tie Cravat sfvr-rahlstedt.eu-Overhand Knot

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