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Desert information for kids

desert information for kids

When you think of a desert do you think of a dry place covered in sand? Well if you do, you're right. But, unbelievably there are cold deserts too that are covered. Improve your knowledge on the deserts of the World with fun facts for kids. Find out interesting facts about deserts for kids and learn more from DK Find Out. Check out our fun desert facts for kids and enjoy learning a variety of interesting information about the Sahara Desert, the Gobi Desert, the Kalahari Desert, the. This desert looks just like the kind we think of. Vegetables and How They Grow. Lucky creek casino, Largest and Hardest bone Structure of a Human Skeleton Structure and Functionality of Neurons Structure and functionality of the It is growing at a fast rate due to desertification, a process that turns fertile lands into desert areas. Perhaps you imagine the saguaros of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Well, they are during the day, but when the sun goes down that all changes.


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There are heaps of other large deserts including the Gobi Desert in Asia, the Kalahari Desert in Africa, the Patagonian Desert in South America, the Great Victoria Desert in Australia, The Great Basin Desert in North America and the Syrian Desert in the Middle East. Animals Earth Human Body Projects Worksheets. So now we know what precipitation is. Do you know that Antarctica is the worlds largest cold desert followed by Arctic while Sahara desert in Africa is the worlds largest hot desert. Desert plants like cacti have padded leaves which store water during a drought.

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